Animal Welfare

Evaluating Temperature Impacts on Transportation

Pilgrim's UK's agriculture division is working in partnership with the National Farmers Union UK (NFU) to explore the impact of environmental temperature conditions on the welfare of pigs during transportation. During 2022, Pilgrim’s Pride assisted with a project led by NFU to monitor temperatures of pigs during transport. The project was created in response to a previous Welfare in Transport consultation by the U.K. Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), proposing to limit livestock journeys based upon exceeding minimum and maximum ambient temperatures. This project was completed as part of a wider industry working group, involving the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) and other processors across pigs, sheep, and cattle.

Pilgrim’s UK supplied data from its onboard trailer temperature monitors, during a forecasted period of cold weather. Drivers also completed online questionnaires to confirm the number of pigs being carried, journey start and end points and timings, the ambient temperature recorded at loading and unloading, and any reported issues with welfare at loading or unloading. The information was submitted confidentially and will be presented back to industry by BMPA once they have enough data collected in both hot and cold weather.

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