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Empowering FSQA Leadership

The Global FSQA (food safety and quality assurance) team held their second annual meeting in Cambridge, U.K., to share best practices, innovations, and technologies - while empowering FSQA leaders through education, collaboration, and team building.

In accordance with this year's tagline - One Team, One Purpose - attendees represented seven countries, encompassing all proteins (beef, poultry, pork, and prepared foods). Speakers presented on food safety culture, robotics, artificial intelligence, and animal welfare.

The highlights of this year's meeting included:

  • Building strong relationships among FSQA leaders;

  • Collaborating and learning about KPIs to set global ESG goals;

  • Fostering new learnings while stimulating the exchange of ideas through tours of production facilities;

  • Educating on best-in-class technologies;

  • Learning from external presenters, triggering an exchange of experiences on the food safety culture, animal welfare, and innovation concepts; and

  • Returning home with key takeaways to be applied in their operations.

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