Pilgrim’s Moorefield Donation Funds Drone for Fire Department

Thanks to a sizable donation from Pilgrim's Moorefield (W.Va.), Hardy County volunteer firefighters can now enlist the help of advanced technology to aid in their fire management and rescue efforts.

Using Pilgrim's Moorefield's generous gift of $20,000, the Moorefield Volunteer Fire Company 46 secured one of two high-tech drones, which will enable increased surveillance of the surrounding area.

“Pilgrim's is very excited about the drone project with the Moorefield Volunteer Fire Company,” said Tracy Sherman, human resources manager at Pilgrim's Moorefield Fresh. “This state-of-the-art drone will help our fire department to provide additional and enhanced safety measures for the entire Moorefield community.”

The drones are outfitted with state-of-the-art features, such as infrared cameras and heat-sensing technology, and will expand the capability of the team at night and in hard-to-reach areas. “If there's a water leak or sewer leak at night, [the crew] can take that drone up and see different temperature changes where the water is coming out of the ground,” Hardy County Clerk Gregg Ely told the Moorefield Examiner.

Company 46 has served the Moorefield community for nearly 90 years and answers an average of 200 calls annually.

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