Vision, Strategy and Method

Our greatest asset is our people, and we are motivated by a shared vision to become the best and most respected company in our industry, creating the opportunity of a better future for our team members.

We have identified four strategic pillars that will bring our vision to reality and differentiate Pilgrim’s from our competitors:

  1. Relentless pursuit of operational excellence
  2. Unique portfolio of diverse complementary business models
  3. Safe people, safe products and healthy attitudes
  4. Become a more valued partner with our key customers
Vision - Become the best and most respected company in our industry, creating the opportunity of a better future for our team members. Strategy - Become a more valued partner with our key customers. - Relentless pursuit of operational excellence. - Safe people, safe products and healthy attitudes. - Unique portfolio of diverse, complementary business models. Method - Relentlessly pursue root cause. - Make decisions based on knowledge, facts and data. - Create growth and development opportunities that help our team members succeed. - Drive ownership and accountability deeper.

Our Why

The Pilgrim’s vision, strategy and methods detail what we hope to accomplish and how we can achieve those aspirations. Most important for our team, however, is our why. Why do we work so hard each day to relentlessly pursue our goals and become the best, most respected company in our industry?

TOGETHER means all of us, listening and respecting each other while helping our team. Winning is more rewarding when it’s a team win.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE means that our daily efforts are performed for a greater purpose than just ourselves. We believe we can improve the lives of others through our work.

FOR OUR TEAM AND OUR FAMILIES means for each of us, there is a family and a team who depend on us and our leadership. They support us by helping take care of our responsibilities when we aren’t there. They support us by consistently working hard. It is our duty to reward them with our best in leadership every day.

TO CREATE A BETTER FUTURE means we work in a very competitive industry and, in order to thrive and grow, we must strive to be the best company, thus ensuring opportunities remain for us to improve our lives.

WE ARE PILGRIM’S means we are a company of people who have a burning desire to make a difference. We are more than 55,000 strong, and we value, respect and support each other no matter what.

DETERMINED TO BE THE BEST means we know that, in order to receive the maximum rewards for our work and to create the best future for our families and our team members, we must have a passionate desire and determination to be the best at all times. We are willing to work hard, work smart and support each other in order to win.

Our Values

How We Become the Best

The Pilgrim’s vision and strategy can only be achieved through a consistent, diligent approach guided by cultural norms, empowering our team members to address challenges in a responsible manner. We call this “doing things the right way,” and that way is guided by our values. All our team members are committed to Pilgrim’s values. Our values, listed below, are shared with new team members as part of the onboarding process, and our executive teams and members of the Pilgrim’s board of directors work hard to demonstrate these values in all aspects of their work.


 Be relentless. Deliver superior results. Adopt a sense of urgency. Make things happen.


Be practical. Focus on what is important. Adopt a hands-on approach. Avoid bureaucracy.


Be receptive and open. Always be prepared and motivated to take on new challenges.


Listen. Be helpful and thoughtful. Act with respect. Prioritize the team over yourself. Value the opinion of others.


Be punctual. Fulfill commitments. Deliver results. Do not make excuses.


Be committed to results. Focus on details. Take responsibility.


Be direct, truthful and transparent. Respectfully express opinions. Know how to say no, but be positive and offer solutions.

Our Beliefs

We Believe

  • In focusing on the details
  • In taking a hands-on approach
  • That success is only achieved through hard work
  • In having the right person in the right place
  • In having passion for what we do
  • That actions and behavior are more important than knowledge
  • That a leader must win over their team members
  • In leading by example
  • In focusing on results
  • In working with people who are better than us
  • That believing makes the difference
  • In producing quality products

We Oppose

  • Arrogance
  • People who do not respect others
  • Superheroes
  • Bureaucracy
  • Silver bullets
  • Selfishness
  • Disloyalty
  • Know-it-alls
  • Vanity
  • Complexity
  • Gossip