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Pilgrim’s is a leading global provider of high-quality food products, inclusive of well-recognized brands and innovative value-added premium products. As one of the world’s largest poultry producers, Pilgrim’s has provided wholesome, high-quality products to customers and consumers for more than seven decades. Pilgrim’s is also the owner of Moy Park, one of the U.K.’s top 15 food companies, Northern Ireland’s largest private-sector business and one of Europe’s leading poultry producers. As a global team, we process, prepare, package and deliver fresh, frozen and value-added poultry products for sale to over 6,000 customers in more than 100 countries.

Pilgrim’s is headquartered in Greeley, CO, and provides more than 123 million daily 4oz. servings to consumers globally. The company includes 36 production facilities and 16 prepared foods facilities in 14 U.S. states, the U.K., Puerto Rico, Mexico, France and the Netherlands. Pilgrim’s has the capacity to process 45.3 million chickens per week and produce 13.3 billion pounds of chicken annually to markets in the U.S., Mexico and the U.K., among others. Our more than 55,000 team members take pride in providing consistent, high-quality, affordable products to retailers, foodservice providers, restaurants and consumers all over the world.

Our History

For more than seven decades, Pilgrim’s has produced safe and high-quality food products for millions of consumers around the globe. As a company, we have enjoyed incredible growth and are proud of our history, which demonstrates our commitment to being the best and creating a better future for our team members.

  • 1946

    Pilgrim’s started as a small feed and seed store in Pittsburg, TX

  • 1986

    Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation is listed on the NYSE

  • 1988

    Acquired legacy facilities in Mexico

  • 2009

    JBS USA acquired a controlling interest in Pilgrim’s

  • 2015

    Acquired Tyson Mexico

  • 2017

    Acquired GNP Company and the Just BARE product lines and Moy Park

Our Businesses

Pilgrim’s is structured into three specific regional businesses: Pilgrim’s U.S., Pilgrim’s Mexico and Pilgrim’s Moy Park. Each region works through additional structured business units to drive ownership and allow our teams to focus on the details of their individual operations.

Pilgrim’s U.S.

Pilgrim’s U.S. provides consumers with more than 92 million 4-oz. daily servings and is structured into five primary business units:

The Prepared Foods business unit includes four production facilities that specialize in producing marinated, battered and breaded, par-fried and fully-cooked frozen chicken products for leading foodservice and retail customers. Prepared Foods products are sold into every segment of the retail and foodservice industry, led by our Pierce Chicken, Gold Kist and Just Bare Pilgrim’s brands.

The Case Ready business unit includes eight production facilities that specialize in producing traditional tray pack, deli and boneless dark meat products for the retail market. This business unit is strategically aligned to fulfill the growing demand of key customers. To meet consumer needs, Pilgrim’s Case Ready operates three traditional plants, three vegetarian-fed plants and one organic plant. This business unit also includes one production facility in Puerto Rico that serves the island’s retail market through the company brand To-ricos.

The Commercial business unit includes seven production facilities that are uniquely positioned to support key customers in the industrial, foodservice and retail channels. These facilities produce a number of value-added products such as halal and marinated chicken as well as regular line-run chicken.

The Small Bird Debone business unit consists of five production facilities that are designed to support customers specializing in chicken sandwiches. This business unit is strategically aligned to fulfill the growing demand of key customers.

The Fresh Foodservice business unit includes six production facilities dedicated to producing products in the whole bird equivalent form. This business unit focuses on the retail and foodservice channels, and the facilities are designed to support demand of whole bird equivalent products to our key customers in the retail deli and quick service restaurant bone-in sector.

Pilgrim’s Mexico

Pilgrim’s Mexico provides consumers with nearly 21 million daily 4oz. servings and is structured into two primary business units:

The Fresh business unit consists of seven production facilities that provide fresh and frozen products to wholesale customers, self-service stores, price clubs and restaurant chains.

The Value Added business unit includes two production facilities, led by Pilgrim’s Value Added and Del Día brands. In 2016, the Value Added line was launched in a foodservice (bulk) version with 16 unique products, including a complete product portfolio of breaded, filled, partially and totally cooked, all for the wholesale and kitchen markets. Del Día was launched in 2009, offering quality and flavor at a better price through four main products: filled, varieties, breaded and breadless.

Pilgrim’s Moy Park

Pilgrim’s Moy Park provides consumers more than 10 million daily 4oz. servings and is structured into three primary business units:

The Fresh Poultry business unit consists of four production facilities dedicated to producing a comprehensive range of fresh and added-value poultry consisting of whole birds and portioned poultry products from classic, higher welfare, free range and organic farms, supplying leading retailers and foodservice providers throughout the U.K., Ireland and Europe with high-quality poultry products.

The Prepared Foods Retail business unit consists of two production facilities, each containing a coated and a cooked facility on site. The coated factories produce a comprehensive range of coated products such as Kievs, fillets, portions and bites.

The Prepared Foods Foodservice business unit consists of six production facilities focused on foodservice customer solutions from starters to desserts and from mouth-watering meat-free options to succulent protein products. These facilities provide our customers with frozen products including but not limited to coated or ready-to-eat poultry, bacon, minced beef patties, a variety of coated cheese, vegetarian products like non-meat patties, spring rolls, onion rings and desserts including donuts and apple pies.


Pilgrim’s net sales were US$10.9 billion in 2018, an increase of 0.9 percent in relation to 2017. Profit after tax totaled US$843 million, a decrease of 42.7 percent compared to 2017. Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), which we define as net income adding back income taxes, depreciation, amortization, interest and excluding foreign currency transaction gains/losses and non-recurring expenses, net, was US$798 million in 2018, which corresponds to a decrease of 42.2 percent in relation to 2017.

Net Sales

Adjusted EBITDA

Profit After Tax

Income Tax Expense

Percentage of net chicken sales attributable to each of our primary product lines in 2018

U.S. U.K. and Europe
Fresh chicken 85.2 44.2
Prepared chicken 11.1 41.3
Export and other chicken 3.7 14.5