Employer of Choice | Pilgrim's Sustainability Report

Waco, TX, Prepared Foods Facility

Employer of Choice

Map of the United States of America with a location pin indicating Waco, Texas

In January 2019, the Pilgrim’s Waco team was awarded by the Workforce Solutions Heart of Texas as Employer of Excellence for McLennan County. The Waco facility strives to be the employer of choice in their community and stay true to the Pilgrim’s vision of becoming the best and most respected company in the industry, creating the opportunity of a better future for our team members. Waco team members work diligently to attract the best people who are interested in the opportunity to grow and advance.

“Pilgrim’s Waco is proud of our team members, our community and our commitment to both. We are grateful for the recognition of our team members’ accomplishments and the support and recognition afforded to us by the McLennan County community. The importance of our people, our community and our role in the Waco area and surrounding communities is paramount to our success. We look forward to continuing our role as a community leader, provider and employer.”

Ronnie Sparks
Production Manager, Waco, TX, prepared foods facility