Pilgrim's UK Helps Cultivate Minds, Harvest Education

The Greggs Foundation reaps what it sows thanks to Pilgrim's UK's support, providing four schools with innovative "growing towers, " which allow students to plant and harvest a range of vegetables and fruits right in their classroom.

The towers, which pump filtered water through a central base to sustain up to 20 different vegetables and fruits, provide students the resources to grow crops year-round and serve as invaluable hands-on learning tools.

"We all know how important our support of the Foundation is in allowing children to enjoy a hearty breakfast before school, but our work does not stop there. Four schools, which are close to our sites, also benefited from our donation of several growing towers, " said Rebecca Hinton, Pilgrim's UK Commercial Manager, who also works closely with Greggs and the Greggs Foundation. Our continued aim is to provide education around food and what is required to grow, look after and harvest food that we all sometimes take for granted. "

Students are responsible for building the tower, choosing and planting the vegetables and fruits and maintaining the system. This includes pruning, checking water levels, filling the tank and harvesting the crops.

It goes without saying, we value the importance of a balanced and sustainable diet, and it is important to get this message across to the next generation. This new initiative takes our support to the next level, helping educate children around food and sustainability, Hinton said. It is heart-warming to receive feedback and pictures from the schools that show the impact we are having.

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