Our Commitment

At Pilgrim’s, our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and we are committed to building strong relationships with our team members. We know the success of our company depends on the collective skills, backgrounds and experiences of our unique and diverse workforce. By treating our team members with dignity and respect, and promoting diversity and inclusion in our facilities and offices, we strive to create a trusting and productive workplace.

Our Approach

Due to the various locations of our facilities and our large, diverse workforce composed of team members of different ethnicities and national origins, Pilgrim’s faces unique communication challenges. As many as 15 different languages are spoken at any one facility. To ensure team members are both able to express themselves and understand key messages from fellow team members and leadership, we provide company materials in various languages and dialects. This includes team member information such as benefits, safety instructions and new-hire and continuous training materials. Our international diversity can be witnessed upon entering most facilities where message boards, bulletins and notices to team members can be viewed in a myriad of languages. In addition, each facility offers unlimited access to Language Lines, which provides more than 200 languages and creates immediate access to clear communication across our facilities. Pilgrim’s works diligently to accommodate the cultural needs of our team members, and we encourage our facilities to identify the best approach to address their unique situations.

We also empower our facilities to work within their communities to recruit and retain diverse team members. Our facilities are located throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico and Europe, and each one has unique inclusion challenges. Our local teams endeavor to hire and employ a workforce that represents the communities in which they live and work. In addition, in the U.S., as a contractor to the U.S. federal government, we maintain affirmative action programs to implement our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and work to identify opportunities for improvement, such as partnering with universities to recruit talent.

Pilgrim’s also actively partners with the U.S. federal government to guarantee a lawful and legal workforce. Since 2012, Pilgrim’s has participated in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers (IMAGE) program. The IMAGE program promotes voluntary compliance with the employment authorization provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act and assists in the prevention of the hiring or continued employment of people who are not authorized to work in the U.S. As a committed employer of a legal workforce, Pilgrim’s is assisted by the program in its efforts to develop a more secure and stable workforce, and enhance fraudulent document awareness through education and training.

At Pilgrim’s, we are focused on recruiting the right candidates who will thrive in our culture and want to spend their careers with us. However, turnover at the facility level is a challenge across the poultry industry. This is, in part, due to the rural location of facilities and the labor-intensive nature of the work, which can attract a workforce that is often looking to gain knowledge and experience to further advance their careers in other disciplines. At times, the skill and understanding gained at Pilgrim’s can result in team members moving on to other positions that better fit their interests, original education or other personal and professional goals.

Equal Employment Opportunity

As part of our Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, we reaffirm our commitment to recruit, hire, promote and train all team members without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or age. Pilgrim’s is dedicated to providing equal opportunity to all people, including military veterans and qualified individuals with disabilities.

Compensation and Benefits

Pilgrim’s provides competitive pay to our team members and rewards top performers within the company. Our compensation philosophy is meritocratic, and we strive to reward team members for their specific contributions to the company’s results. All team members and their families are offered benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance. We also provide life and disability insurance, and offer flexible spending accounts to help promote healthy lifestyles for our team members. In addition, most team members are provided with retirement benefits, which include a non-qualified deferred compensation plan and a defined contribution 401(k) plan.

Engaging Our Team Members

We value the thoughts and opinions of our team members and conduct regular engagement surveys in an effort to understand how we can best reduce turnover and increase team member satisfaction. Surveys are refined annually to get more specific feedback from our team members. This includes surveys designed for hourly team members, front-line supervisors and corporate team members. We also have the ability to deploy new surveys on an ad hoc basis. Our managers have regular conversations with their team members, making sure to provide positive feedback on a job well done, as well as talk through any issues or concerns. We work to quickly identify and address concerns from our team members and strive to create an environment where our team members recognize the importance of their roles in our team dynamic. Finally, 100 percent of all Pilgrim’s team members receive performance reviews.

2018 Progress

Total Team Members

*Includes all facilities in the U.S. based on payroll periods of December 10-23, 2017, & December 9-22, 2018

Percent of Team Members by Gender Total Workforce

*Includes all facilities in the U.S. based on payroll periods of December 10-23, 2017, & December 9-22, 2018

Percent of Team Members by Gender Management

*Includes all facilities in the U.S., based on payroll periods of December 10-23, 2017, & December 9-22, 2018

Percent of Team Members by Age Group

  • Less than 30
  • 30 to 50
  • More than 50

*Includes all facilities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, based on payroll period of December 9-22, 2018

Percent of Team Members by Race

  • Hispanic or Latino
  • White
  • Black or African American
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • Asian
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Two or More Races

*Includes all facilities in the U.S., based on payroll period of December 9-22, 2018

Team Member Training Average Number of Hours of Training Per Year Per Team Member