To produce quality poultry products, we understand the importance of feeding our chickens complete diets that are appropriate for their age and target weight. Providing high-quality diets every day requires purchasing high-grade feed ingredients year-round.

Feed for Pilgrim’s U.S. chickens is procured through our JBS USA risk management team. Pilgrim’s Live Production team members are responsible for procuring vitamins and minerals, veterinary supplies and pullets, which allows for increased flexibility to meet local challenges. Diets are formulated by poultry nutritionists to ensure that the metabolic and nutrient requirements of the chicken are met, no matter the production system utilized (i.e. vegetarian fed, antibiotic free, etc.).

Pilgrim’s Moy Park has also established a Responsible Sourcing Soy Policy for the soy fed to our chickens. While deforestation and responsible sourcing of soy is an evolving issue, Pilgrim’s Moy Park believes that a policy is an important and valuable tool that will help drive progress toward our broader sustainability objectives. In addition, it is crucial for building trust among our customers, team members, investors and other stakeholders and will strengthen our credibility as a responsible organization that is committed to developing our business in a sustainable and ethical way. We will continue to enhance and develop our Responsible Sourcing agenda, and will work diligently with our supply chain partners to increase transparency in sourcing practices and the use of deforestation-free soy in the supply chain of the feed for our chickens and in our products.

Veterinary supplies are purchased from different animal pharmaceutical companies based on the requirements set forth by Pilgrim’s veterinarians.