Beef Suppliers

Our Pilgrim’s Moy Park Orléans business purchases beef for further processing. They source beef only from approved suppliers that are audited annually for food safety and animal welfare. They have also developed contracting initiatives with French beef farmers associations. This approach aims to secure part of the French supply in an otherwise declining cattle marketplace, but especially to guarantee a market for farmers looking for an alternative to a volatile and uncertain market. This program has the following attributes:

  • Secures Pilgrim’s Moy Park Beef Orléans supplies through dedicated animals on farms
  • A set price independent of market fluctuations, which guarantees economic efficiency and income security for all, starting with engaged farmers
  • Ensures that farmers have a market and a medium- to long-term vision to plan production and investment
  • Enhances production of cattle from farms that meet the Charter of Good Breeding Practices

Pilgrim’s Moy Park Beef Orléans also encourages its suppliers to purchase cattle from farms involved in the Good Farming Practices scheme. In France, it is the “Charte des Bonnes Pratiques d’élevage” established by the CNE (National Livestock Confederation), which was chosen as the approved standard. The meat from the Netherlands and Ireland also comes from programs that guarantee the Good Farming Practices. One hundred percent of our 1,600 contracted farm partners are audited for animal welfare and environmental performance.

Pork Suppliers

Our Pilgrim’s Moy Park Business purchases pork for further processing from approved suppliers who are audited annually for food safety and animal welfare.